About Us

Our story

We are a vibrant, friendly and welcoming Baptist church, who have been gathering in Brighton Hill, Basingstoke since 1982. We are made up of all different people of various ages, gender, ethnicities and backgrounds.

Our vision

Basingstoke Baptist church strives to be a community of people who have an ever deepening relationship with God and each other. We to reach into our wider community to bring hope to the hopeless, cast out fear with love and bring joy where there is pain.

In short, our mission statement is ‘Knowing Jesus; making Jesus known’.

In order to do this, we place emphasis on 5 core values:


Being family, seeking to walk together, loving and forgiving each other as the family grows.


Loving our neighbour as ourselves.


The process of helping people become more like Jesus in their thoughts, feelings and actions.


Loving the Lord with all our hearts is a great description of worship. The Church exists to worship God.


We are ambassadors for Christ, our mission is to reach and transform the world.

Meet the Team

Alongside the above individuals, we have a team of amazingly dedicated deacons who make up the leadership team and are responsible for the management and oversight of the church.