Knowing Jesus - Making Jesus Known


  • We are committed to serving our community
  • We are seen as a "Go to Place"
  • Our buildings are used every day


  • Our worship and bible teaching is accessible to all
  • We have a faith attitude open to everyone
  • We are fully committed to Christ
  • We are recognised as spiritually passionate about God


  • Discipleship is a way of life for everyone
  • Everyone in the church is encouraged to be in a fellowship group
  • We are a Christian community relevant to young people
  • Every member has a part to play
  • Our young people are taught and equipped


  • We are a "Sowing, Reaping, Keeping" church
  • Evangelism is a high priority
  • We are seen as wholehearted Christians
  • We have bridged the gap for non-believers attending church activities

Pastoral Care

  • Our multi-cultural nature is reflected in all we do
  • Pastoral care is available to all
  • We are inclusive and welcome everyone


  • Leadership functions according to the gifting of each person called to serve
  • Every Church organisation develops on Christian principles